Google Cloud Partners: PUE Achieves 6 Expertise


Google Cloud grants the Expertise based on proven experience in the use and integration of Google’s cloud tools and solutions, the certifications of the team of technicians and consultants, and the evidence of success stories with clients. PUE has obtained 6 expertise What Google Cloud Service & Sell Partners for GCP SEEMEA.

Expertise achieved in the category of products / technology:

Google data analysis

Areas where you need to have demonstrated success in real client applications: BigQuery, Google Cloud Data Studio, Cloud Composer, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Datalab, Cloud Dataprep, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Data Fusion, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Spanner, Cloud IoT Core, Data Catalog, Cloud Life Sciences, Genomics, Google Marketing Platform, Looker, Cloud Dataprep.

cloud computing

Areas in which it is necessary to have demonstrated success in real customer applications: App Engine, Compute Engine, Container Build, Google Kubernetes Engine, Container Registry, Kubernetes, Cloud Functions.

Expertise achieved in the category of solutions:

Data Lake Modernization

PUE has demonstrated its capabilities in the design and use of Data Lakes so that companies are able to store, process and analyze massive volumes of data, structured and unstructured, in a profitable and agile way. It has data scientists and analysts capable of performing and creating advanced analysis flows, starting from raw data and stored in its native formats, against data sets holistically in a flexible and efficient way. Data lakes are often used in conjunction with traditional data warehouses (EDWs) and relational database systems.

Build and use AI

PUE applied expertise to help data scientists and machine learning experts use AI by providing them with an end-to-end ML toolkit with tools, templates, and services to build, serve, and manage models on Google Cloud Platform and/or on Google Cloud Platform. on-premise environments. In addition, provide pre-built APIs to facilitate the integration of AI in applications for common use cases and in specific horizontal and vertical applications.

Expertise achieved in the industry category:

Energy and utilities

PUE has demonstrated experience in successfully implementing GCP as a platform for engineering and intelligent operations in the Energy and Utilities sector.

cloud natives

This expertise recognizes in PUE its ability to carry out and deploy projects in digital native organizations, providing modern strategies with microservices, container and serverless solutions to develop applications, compile and deploy quickly.

The most innovative solutions in Data and Cloud for business modernization and transformation

Specialized in Data, Cloud and DevOps, at PUE we help companies in their modernization and business transformation processes through data. We cover all phases of a project, from definition and architecture, to production implementation and team building.

Google Cloud Partners

As partners of Google Cloud since 2015 and our proven experience in its solutions, our Cloud services include:

  • Definition of Cloud strategies. Roadmap, resources and cases.
  • Scalable, replicable, automatable, optimized Cloud architectures. IaaS, SaaS, PasS infrastructures and services with functional and technical designs, determining the appropriate components to maximize use.
  • GCP solutions for billing, invoice analysis, NLP, Machine Learning, Infrastructure.
  • Migrations and updates in On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid environments, minimizing the impact of migration.
  • Training and official certification as Google Cloud Authorized Training Partners with the Infrastructure and Data Analytics specializations.


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