10 key factors to successfully tackle a Big Data project


In this post we tell you what are the key factors to take into account if you are considering a Big Data transformation, modernization or innovation project where data is involved.

Key factors in the assessment phase

  1. Be clear about the goal
  2. Find some good travel companions
  3. Having defined a digital transformation or modernization strategy

Key factors in the definition and startup phase

  1. Identify the case or cases of use well, and dimension them rigorously
  2. Having the right team with the necessary knowledge
  3. Be clear about what infrastructure we have at the beginning
  4. Know what data sources we have
  5. Identify what data we have and analyze its quality
  6. Know the external integration and exploitation systems
  7. Design a roadmap to achieve the goal

Challenges that are no longer challenges with Big Data and Cloud technologies

There are multiple use cases and business objectives whose achievement necessarily go through a process of digital transformation through data and cloud solutions. We talk about both innovation projects and modernization projects:

  1. Modernize infrastructures with Big Data tools
  2. Total or partial migration of CPDs to public Cloud environments
  3. Speed ​​up time to market
  4. Creation of new lines of business
  5. Provide more information about the data available to make strategic decisions
  6. Generate new sources of income
  7. Cost savings
  8. Modernize processes
  9. Replacement of legacy components
  10. Automation

Your best ally in transformation challenges where data is involved

PUE’s technological stack and our specialization in Big Data, Cloud and DevOps They allow us to respond and provide solutions on all fronts: both at the level of infrastructure and development, solutions and a multitude of use cases proposed by our clients or new use cases that we ourselves detect and propose as a result of data analysis. In-depth knowledge of data and cloud solutions, and working with the most cutting-edge technologies and solutions, give us the ability to successfully face and resolve any challenge where data plays a fundamental role.

We go hand in hand with the industry leaders in Big Data and Cloud. Recognized as Cloudera Platinum Partner, the highest level within its partner program, and Google Cloud partners since 2015 (Service & Sell Partner for SEEMEA of Google Cloud Platform)

We are committed to DataDog as the leading extreme monitoring solution and Data Robot for all the most analytical part (Data Science), as an automated AI and Machine Learning platform.

In us you will find a collaborator that will adapt to your business and your needs. With a 100% certified expert team and a 360º service. We accompany you throughout the life cycle of your Big Data and Cloud implementation.

If you want more information on how we can help you in your modernization process through data, we recommend you watch the interview with our CTO, Sergio Rodríguez de Guzmán:

The power of data is limitless, and together we can make it shine. Make your data shine!


We are here to help you, contact us at sales@pue.es

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