How to enrich Big Data storage in the Cloud


Enriching the storage of a cloud platform is a somewhat complex task if you do not know the processes. There are many extensions and configurations that must be carried out not only to enrich the storage, but also to achieve optimal Big Data performance.

In this post we are going to talk about the appropriate processes for enrich the storage and processing of a Big Data platform in the cloud and, on the formula that, from our vision and experience, is giving us very good results.

What is enriching Big Data storage?

We are talking about extending the storage, that there are no crashes, that the data processing works properly, and that there are no exceptions or interruptions in the saving process. That a platform in the cloud fulfills all this, that it does not have any problem, makes it possible, to a large extent, a platform enriched in storage.

How to enrich a Big Data platform in the Cloud?

To enrich a platform in storage, it is not enough to hire a service with more storage. It is about how each one of the processes and services is structured, and how, among themselves, the different platforms contribute and complement each other. components that come into play.

The best way to enrich the storage of a Big Data platform in the cloud is to jointly use Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Google Cloud Storage (GCS). With HDFS for data distribution and qualification, all information is stored in triplicate on different nodes or disks, preventing potential data loss and ensuring data reliability.

Google Cloud Storage is the foundation of everything. Complementing it with HDFS increases and optimizes the results in terms of platform enrichment. Because we are enriching not only the storage but also the infrastructure.

There are countless platforms, extensions or processes that partially optimize or enrich the cloud platform. Our experience in successful Big Data projects in different use cases leads us to recommend the combination of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) + Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) as a good option to enrich what we store, seek to optimize processes and ensure each of the data.

If we store in triplicate, do the costs increase?

Using Google Cloud Storage (GCS) allows us to reduce the capacity of HDFS to pay for each GB that we have stored. That is, we no longer need a triplicate HDFS; only pay the necessary GB in GCS for data backup on the main disk. There is also the possibility of encryption provided, for example, by Cloudera’s Big Data platform so that the data that goes over the HDFS is encrypted.

That way, performance of combining GCS with HDFS is maximized to enrich Big Data storage in a cloud platform.

Other extensions can be included, but this method ensures a well-enriched Big Data platform, optimized and working perfectly. And because it’s in the cloud, processes aren’t hampered or affected by local hardware or processes that can slow them down.

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