Turn your data into competitive advantages with Power BI and Azure


Learn how to use Power BI and Azure together to connect, combine, and analyze the full value of your data.

PowerBI and Azure

The technology Big Data today plays a crucial role in online data analysis, corporate information and intelligent reporting.

Spreadsheets no longer provide adequate solutions for a company looking to analyze and extract value from their data for the benefit of their business goals. This is where the reports of Business intelligence reporting they come into play and, in fact, are proving to be critical in enabling companies to effectively collect data and transform that information into effective corporate decision-making. This It is reflected in a growth forecast of the Business Intelligence Market of 14.55% in the coming years according to a study by Data bridge Market research.

Why use Power BI and Azure together?

understand by business intelligence reporting, or BI reporting, the data collection process through different software and tools to extract relevant business information. Its purpose is to provide suggestions and observations on business trends that allow you to make the best business decisions.

Using the Microsoft BI Reporting tool power BI With Azure It allows you to turn data into a competitive advantage for any company by connecting, combining and analyzing the vast amount of data you have.

Learn about its features:

  • Connect to data and easy modeling for easy exploration through native AI and machine learning.
  • Collaboration and sharing of interactive reports inside and outside the organization.
  • Data protection, even when exported to other types of files.
  • Provides Azure models, stores, and databases for scale to make decisions fast.

Both the business analyst, Like the data scientist and the rest of the professionals will be able to collaborate, without any type of impediment, providing a single version of the truth of the data that offers a broad knowledge to the entire organization.

How can I learn to use Microsoft Power BI and Azure?

Microsoft has designed Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate that certifies the necessary skills and knowledge in BI reporting.

In order to get this certification you must pass andThe official DA-100 exam that measure your ability for prepare the data, model it, visualize it, analyze it, and implement and maintain deliverables.

Prepare to obtain the DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI certification

Microsoft has created the following course that we offer from PUE so that you can pass the exam and become a certified data analyst.

DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

Data Analyst DA-100

  • Description: This course teaches how to design and build scalable data models, cleanse and transform data, and enable advanced analytics capabilities to deliver significant business value through easy-to-understand data visualizations using the Power BI tool.
  • target: Data and business intelligence professionals (business intelligence) who want to learn how to accurately perform data analysis using Power BI.
  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Azure equivalent to the course AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.
  • Value added PUE: Free DP-900 Pack (Course in video format + Practice Test + Online Proctored Exam) + Practice Test DA-100.
  • Certification associated: Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate.

How can we help you from PUE?

On PUE are Gold Learning Partner Microsoft, authorized by said multinational to provide official training in its technologies, and official certification center Pearson VUE facilitating the administration of the exam to the candidate. You will be able to take your certification exam remotely through the Online Proctored option, which allows you to attend the official Microsoft certification from any location with a simple internet connection. Book your exam!

Do you want to develop your professional profile in data analysis with Power BI? Train with us!

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training@pue.es for official Microsoft training.

exams@pue.es for official Microsoft certification.


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