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Did you know that the training of your employees is discountable?

all of our online courses for companies They are subsidized through credit from FUNDAEwith which you can improve the skills and abilities of your team at no cost to the company or the workerprovided that sufficient credit is available. From PUE we make ourselves available to your company to inform you about how to manage the economic amount that FUNDAE offers to organizations for the training of their workers.

Learn about the advantages of PUE online training

Since our purpose is to improve the competitiveness of companies and professionals, we want to help your team reach its full potential through a online training with differential value for your company.

As official training partners of technology leaders, we offer the following benefits in online courses for companies:

  • Official online courses 100% subsidized by FUNDAE.
  • Taught with elearning content and platforms developed by leading multinationals such as Cisco, Python Institute, LPI and Microsoft, among others.
  • Certification included for the PUE Alumni group to be carried out in online proctored mode.
  • Certified instructors.
  • Learning by doing.

Opting for PUE’s online courses for companies is a flexible training option that has many advantages:

  • Train when and where you want.
  • Weekly or fortnightly webinars interacting live with teachers.
  • Personalized tutoring.
  • Online platform with access to official e-learning material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Browser and internet connection as the only technical requirement for students.

Our online courses for companies

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Official online training is a bet for success

Betting on the training of workers is a guarantee of success to promote the transformation and growth of a company. Training not only shapes the thinking of your team, but also increases their productivity and prepares them for an increasingly changing and challenging context. Even more so when we talk about technology.

The main asset that a company has is the talent of its professionals. At PUE we believe that the learning process does not end at any time during working life, and we are committed to the guarantee that official training and knowledge accreditation represent as a value proposition.

From our experience, we recommend detecting the shortcomings or possibilities for improvement of your team to achieve a positive impact on the day to day of the company. Do not hesitate to write us with any questions or to learn more about how we can help promote talent within your organization!

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