10+ WordPress Blogs to Read in 2020


WordPress is arguably the best CMS in the world and powers 35% of the entire web. That number is absolutely, totally, unbelievable! As a direct result, more and more people are looking for WordPress tips and tutorials on common topics related to the platform.

So where to go for that? How to live? How about you start with the list we have for you today…here are the 10 WordPress blogs to read in 2020 :

10+ #WordPress #blogs to read in 2020


A blog that offers content for people who are new to WordPress and need to learn the (very) basic things, like adding an image to a post or creating custom menus. In short, this blog is very popular because it actually helps everyone to learn WordPress.

In addition to beginner guides, WPBeginner also keeps you connected with the latest stories, events, themes and plugins, and all things WordPress. In addition, the blog is updated daily.

Best WPBeginner Shares:

  • Top 6 WordPress Page Builders Compared – 26,000 Total Shares.

  • 24 must have WordPress plugins for business websites – 10,000 actions in total.


Looking for expert recommendations and in-depth advice? WPMU DEV is one of the strongest blogs for wordpressers that exist. The guys at WPMU DEV cover very interesting topics and somehow manage to do it in an equally interesting way.

In this blog, you can find WordPress related posts from multiple categories, from beginner to advanced topics. WPMU DEV will provide you with some of the best tutorials and tips in the community.

WPMU DEV Best Shares:

  • Setting custom shortened links like Bit.ly with WordPress – 1,100 actions in total.

  • How to scan your WordPress site and patch security vulnerabilities – 1,000 actions in total.

WP Tavern

The WP Tavern is the premier news site for the WordPress community. It brings you a daily dose of news on all things WordPress related.

Check it out to stay up to date with the latest releases, announcements, events, plugins, themes, general news, etc. Chances are, if something happens in the WordPress world, WP Tavern will cover it.

Best WP Tavern Shares:

  • Outdated and vulnerable versions of WordPress and Drupal may have contributed to the breach of the Panama Papers – 1,800 shares total.

  • A bug in chrome 45 causes the WordPress admin menu to break – 1,700 actions in total.

Stylish Themes

The company’s blog from the Elegant Themes team, but it’s much more than that. The blog covers how-to’s on various WordPress themes, focusing on practical tips that anyone can apply.

Of course, it’s also a place where the team shares what’s going on with Divi and the company’s other products.

Elegant Themes is a great place to start learning the secrets of WordPress.

The best shared content of Elegant Themes:

  • The Division 2.4 has arrived! Welcome to the biggest update in Division history – 12,500 total shares.

  • The Division 2.7 has arrived, including the Division’s wire split testing system, improved portability, and much more! – 6,000 actions in total.


We are! CodeinWP covers thousands of WordPress content, from tutorials on using WordPress, to company transparency reports, plugin lists, top topic lists, and in-depth research posts.

Check out CodeinWP if you want to learn about WordPress in general, and discover not only the inner workings of the platform, but also the business side of things.

The goal is to give you detailed information about various WordPress resources, but also to deliver it in an easy-to-understand way.

CodeinWP most shared content:

  • 6 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins Compared – 3,400 Actions Total.

  • Best WordPress Hosting Providers Compared [por los números] – 2,300 total shares.

Chris Lemma

Chris Lema is a developer, writer, and speaker who also runs one of the best WordPress theme blogs.

It not only covers WordPress tutorials, but also covers topics such as marketing, social media, theme development, plugins, hosting, and much more.

In one sentence, read their site to stay up to date with whatever is the hottest WordPress topic this week.

Chris Lema’s best shared content:

  • WooCommerce Hosting – What you need to understand – 875 total actions.

  • The business problem that many men do not have – 865 shares total.

WP Major

WP Mayor is one of the most recognized brands in the WordPress space. It is known for covering various related topics, from tutorials, to WordPress themes, plugins, exclusive offers, and even eCommerce for WordPress.

WP Mayor also runs giveaways and posts product reviews, in case you ever need a new theme or plugin and want to know if it’s going to work for you.

The best shared content from WP Mayor:

  • Top 6 Examples of Rocking Content Aggregation Websites – 317 total shares.

  • Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress – 268 actions in total.


WPKube offers a ton of great insights from various categories such as beginners guides, security, themes, plugins, news, product reviews, advanced tutorials, WordPress quick tips and tricks.

The main goal of the site is to provide in-depth information and insights on all things WordPress.

Best WPKube Shares:

  • Toivo Theme Review: A simple business theme without the bloat – 1,600 shares total.

  • Everything you need to know about promoting WordPress plugins and themes – 1,500 actions in all.


Torque is published by WP Engine, and it comes with tutorials and guides for both beginners and advanced users. In addition, it also covers various news and interviews with people who work with WordPress.

Torque keeps its posts in well-defined categories, catering to different types of readers: community, beginners, developers, and “learn” (its “how to” section). Also, there are separate sections for themes and plugins.

Best Shared Torque Content:

  • How to easily check and update the PHP version of your WordPress site – 505 parts in total.

  • Top 10 Blank WordPress Themes and Their Impressive Advantages – 316 Shares in Total.


Bob’s site was full of beginner tutorials covering various aspects of working with WordPress, such as themes, plugins, content creation, and WooCommerce. But they have recently changed his focus to WordPress and e-commerce. You can find some great podcasts on this blog.

Bob is known for his honest approach, and as he says, he has a heart for teaching. He also has his online courses, getting people familiar with WordPress and how to work with it on a daily basis.

The best BobWP shared content:

  • How to create posts and pages in WordPress – 221 total actions.

  • Infolinks Review: An Option For Blog Monetization – 205 Total Shares.

Win the WP

WinningWP is a long time blog run by Brin Wilson. Here, you can find all the WordPress themes you might be interested in, starting with technical guides and ending with blogging and marketing tips. So they basically have something of everything covered.

Not only do they offer educational and how-to content, but WinningWP is also a trusted source for WordPress news and updates. Also, on this blog, you can submit guest posts and have your plugin reviewed.

The best shared content of the WinningWP:

  • All the best WordPress related resources (A giant list!) – 138 actions in total.

  • Ten Essential SEO Tips for WordPress (Video Tutorial) – 31 actions in total.

Bonus: ThemeIsle (this blog)

And finally, a bonus blog! We launched the ThemeIsle blog a couple of months ago, and our main goal is to offer beginner tips that anyone new to WordPress can follow.

Some of the things you will find here are in-depth tutorials, guides, lists of the best plugins for a given purpose, but also other related topics like marketing and social media (for your new WordPress site). In one sentence, everything that will help you maintain a stunning WordPress site.

Top ThemeIsle Shares:

  • Blog Name Generators – How to find a name for your WordPress blog – 985 total shares.

  • How to Install WordPress: Beginner’s Guide 2020 – 178 Total Actions.

Now is your turn. Where do you get your daily dose of WordPress?

10+ #WordPress #blogs to read in 2020


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